Up for varnish

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I recently took some fresh photo’s of two of my pieces, Star Mountain and Pi Valley. They are nearly ready for varnish. Of course in looking over them again I may revisit Star Mountain and touch up the tree stump. I got much better photo’s this time and so I thought I would share them as they give such better color detail.

Clearly I am an artist not a photographer! 🙂



Floral Update

•05/24/2012 • 2 Comments

I’ve set aside the work study and begun the actual piece. I was asked to paint my interpretation of the piece and the client happens to love butterflies. I envision this as something she will hang up so I wanted to try and give it some ‘pop’ so it would make a nice conversational piece. I found this piece a good selection (although composition may be lacking) to attempt this technique following the teachings of Mr. Alexei Antonov.

So far, the Flemish technique has been kind to me. I can see so many practical applications but I can not see myself painting fruit repeatedly. I could see maybe flowers but I prefer to do those in acrylics one stroke works well for me.

Not all the old masters plied their talents to fruits. Cherubs and Satyrs as well as Centaurs appeared in a great many works and those are much more fitting to my minds eye and likely ability.

In closing, the method is meticulous and I love that but hate it at the same time. It opens a whole new world of detail allowing an artist to reflect color upon color through the next layer and create texture no other technique can. However one thing holds true of me, I can not commit to any one style for any great length of time I have far too many ideas to limit myself to this style exclusively and I certainly will bend the rules… at least a little.

Pi Valley

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I began this piece mid last year. However my 3 Year old intervened. He felt it needed a redo and added a nice brush coat of paint thinner to it, dissolving many fine details and a good amount of paint. This is my attempt at resurrecting it.                              

Oil on 14x7 Canvas

These are the pre-incident WIP photo’s

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And of course ‘The Incident’

And the Recovery

Mushroom Forest (Tentative) WIP

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I got a few new brushes and some great new colors. I’ve been working quite a bit on this piece, here are a few updates.


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Just thought I’d share a quickie update on the John Lennon piece.


Commissioned Works and Respective Studies

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As the blurb states I don’t actively seek commissions but now and again people request them and I am not above making a buck but moreso making someone happy. Money can not buy the feeling you get when someone truly loves something you’ve made for them. My main goal is to make art people have a personal connection to and there is just no higher compliment than someone treasuring something you’ve made. Over the years I’ve made several things for people and it brings tears to my eyes to see them so well cared for and displayed. It gives an artist the feeling that their work can live on long beyond their years. Eternal is unbeatable.

I apologize for poor shots I just wanted to show some of what I am working on which has kept me from the other pieces.

Currently I’m working on a John Lennon Study for a commission as well as a floral piece. The floral has two depictions, the study which is moving into the dead layer of the Flemish Technique and the actual sale piece which is still in the umber stage. Shown are two tones of Lennon, and several close ups and distance shots of the florals. I will update with new progress as well as finished pieces.

Unicorn Study

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This is a compilation of W.I.P. shots I did for this piece which was the unicorn study for Pi Valley. Before undertaking any requests or commissions I will generally try to do a study to determine color, shape, size, and texture for a forthcoming piece. These are invaluable because you get a more finished piece once you understand how things fit together.

I’ve drawn and painted hundreds of horses and unicorns but each one has it’s own world. With any real life model you can discern basic details and background element. In fantasy we must first create the world to … create the world. Then we must decide to apply normal spatial rules and lighting.

This is probably one of my least favorite works because I don’t consider studies to be real or finished pieces however, my daughter confiscated this from me practically before the paint was dry. I thought she might cry at the idea of someone else buying it. It is faith and devotion like that from my family that allows me to create on the level that I do. I hope she loves the piece for many many years to come.

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Country Chefs

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Oil on 5.5x8.5 Slate

A Here are a few of the progress shots from this project:

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