Helpers Wanted!

In the process of building the various elements of my latest endeavor I have found a couple things I would like some help with. I do not have a specific person/persons in mind for these things so it will depend entirely on participation/willingness/skill sets of others.

In the past I have always had someone else write my “About me” descriptions. For several reasons. Firstly because I tend to add too much unneeded info. Nobody in the art community really needs to know for instance that I am a libra. The second reason is because I don’t have a  personal view of myself or my work that I would put in a blurb. I don’t have a set view of my works because I never could just stick to one particular style or subject matter.

So what do I want? Some decent suggestions as to what should be contained in “About Kij0” as well as a third party view of what kind of ‘Artist’ I am (beyond oil/acrylic/fantasy) much like Myka Jelina has “Painting rainbows in the dark” or Ash Evans uses ” painter of things with horns fur and wings ” for permanent and public use.

My personal blog also has it’s own terms of use/disclaimer which while I do believe is very amusing is not fitting for a more ‘professional’ blog thusly I need a legally fitting blurb for that as well.

For my Crystal Dragon work in progress I would like viewers to help name the finished piece, and possibly add some back story to the piece. I plan to award those who help with this part of the process with a free print of the finished work for their efforts. I may or may not continue this practice going forward, largely dependent upon popularity. It is my hope and belief that everyone should want a freebie of my work!

I thrive on creativity and interaction with YOU. I feel the more involved the ‘story’ for a character or subject of a painting is the more lifelike they are. That’s where the details and magic happens. I enjoy sharing others views and invite writers and readers to join me in upcoming works, I always consider suggestions and you never know you may just inspire another piece entirely.

I guess I am working towards becoming an “Interactive Artist” *wink*


~ by kij0 on 03/02/2012.

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