Pi Valley

I began this piece mid last year. However my 3 Year old intervened. He felt it needed a redo and added a nice brush coat of paint thinner to it, dissolving many fine details and a good amount of paint. This is my attempt at resurrecting it.                              

Oil on 14x7 Canvas

These are the pre-incident WIP photo’s

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And of course ‘The Incident’

And the Recovery


~ by kij0 on 03/11/2012.

5 Responses to “Pi Valley”

  1. It’s beautiful, very often I’m the one messing with my painting…I call them back steps…:)

  2. I go through many many layers/cycles but the little one is as creative as his mama 🙂

  3. He does have good examples to follow…:)

  4. I tried to fix some wood carvings that did not turn out as planned. Problem is that you can’t put the wood back on to reshape.

  5. Wood is far less forgiving, if all else failed I could always paint over of course this is why I paint LOL

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