Unicorn Study

This is a compilation of W.I.P. shots I did for this piece which was the unicorn study for Pi Valley. Before undertaking any requests or commissions I will generally try to do a study to determine color, shape, size, and texture for a forthcoming piece. These are invaluable because you get a more finished piece once you understand how things fit together.

I’ve drawn and painted hundreds of horses and unicorns but each one has it’s own world. With any real life model you can discern basic details and background element. In fantasy we must first create the world to … create the world. Then we must decide to apply normal spatial rules and lighting.

This is probably one of my least favorite works because I don’t consider studies to be real or finished pieces however, my daughter confiscated this from me practically before the paint was dry. I thought she might cry at the idea of someone else buying it. It is faith and devotion like that from my family that allows me to create on the level that I do. I hope she loves the piece for many many years to come.

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~ by kij0 on 04/02/2012.

4 Responses to “Unicorn Study”

  1. Uni’s are cool but Pegasus, now thatsa horse.

  2. Magically, as always! If it would be for your daughter, I would confiscate this painting from you too 🙂

  3. I love Pegasus! Not had much cause to paint one recently but now that you mention I just might.

    Someone is always trying to claim them lol makes me feel nice, broke but nice :D:D

  4. Very nice!

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