Commissioned Works and Respective Studies

As the blurb states I don’t actively seek commissions but now and again people request them and I am not above making a buck but moreso making someone happy. Money can not buy the feeling you get when someone truly loves something you’ve made for them. My main goal is to make art people have a personal connection to and there is just no higher compliment than someone treasuring something you’ve made. Over the years I’ve made several things for people and it brings tears to my eyes to see them so well cared for and displayed. It gives an artist the feeling that their work can live on long beyond their years. Eternal is unbeatable.

I apologize for poor shots I just wanted to show some of what I am working on which has kept me from the other pieces.

Currently I’m working on a John Lennon Study for a commission as well as a floral piece. The floral has two depictions, the study which is moving into the dead layer of the Flemish Technique and the actual sale piece which is still in the umber stage. Shown are two tones of Lennon, and several close ups and distance shots of the florals. I will update with new progress as well as finished pieces.


~ by kij0 on 05/13/2012.

5 Responses to “Commissioned Works and Respective Studies”

  1. I am now featuring guest post Wednesdays artists and poets only. Would like you to participate. Send a painting of your choice, pic and brief bio. Send all 3 as jpeg. See May Wed posts and June 6 to see what I mean. Need stuff for July. Hope you will participate. Thanks support my blog.

  2. I would be happy to but it will take me a little time to throw something together. Also happy to support your blog You’ve been very kind in the same regard to me 😀

  3. Glad you will join us. I have things for several weeks so stay in touch.

  4. Where would you like them sent?

  5. as jpegs.

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