Floral Update

I’ve set aside the work study and begun the actual piece. I was asked to paint my interpretation of the piece and the client happens to love butterflies. I envision this as something she will hang up so I wanted to try and give it some ‘pop’ so it would make a nice conversational piece. I found this piece a good selection (although composition may be lacking) to attempt this technique following the teachings of Mr. Alexei Antonov.

So far, the Flemish technique has been kind to me. I can see so many practical applications but I can not see myself painting fruit repeatedly. I could see maybe flowers but I prefer to do those in acrylics one stroke works well for me.

Not all the old masters plied their talents to fruits. Cherubs and Satyrs as well as Centaurs appeared in a great many works and those are much more fitting to my minds eye and likely ability.

In closing, the method is meticulous and I love that but hate it at the same time. It opens a whole new world of detail allowing an artist to reflect color upon color through the next layer and create texture no other technique can. However one thing holds true of me, I can not commit to any one style for any great length of time I have far too many ideas to limit myself to this style exclusively and I certainly will bend the rules… at least a little.


~ by kij0 on 05/24/2012.

2 Responses to “Floral Update”

  1. Briefly, what is the Flemish technique?

  2. Its a 7+ layer technique that starts in a dark layer, moves to a mid tone layer, and finally texture and color layers. It is the method used by Old Masters such as Rembrandt.

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